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You can mail or pay in person a waiverable ticket during court hours.Your ticket is waiverable if you havenít had more than two prior traffic violations in the past year and itís a waiverable offense.Ticket waivers must be paid within seven days of the date of the ticket or a court appearance is required.

The Lyndhurst Police Department accepts payment after 4:00 pm and on weekends and holidays.

The court accepts cash, personal checks, money orders and credit cards.Out of state residents please pay by money order or bank check only.

Visa or Mastercard is accepted when paying during court hours only.The Court requests the cardholder be present.

If you did not provide valid proof of auto insurance to the police officer, please include a copy of your insurance card that covers the vehicle you were driving, on the date you were cited along with the payment and ticket.

If your ticket is not waiverable, please appear in court on the date and at the time listed in the lower right hand corner of the ticket and be prepared to pay in full that day.There is an automatic two-week continuance on all traffic citations.

EFFECTIVE July 27, 2015 Ė A 3% access fee will be assessed on all credit/debit card transactions made for payments of $100.00 or greater. An access fee of $2.95 will be assessed on payments under $100.00. There is an automatic two-week continuance on all traffic citations.



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