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Rental Escrow

If health or safety issues exist at the property or premises that you want addressed, you must follow the rules set out in the law.

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 5321 offers a wealth of information and is relatively easy to follow. Tenants who are current on rent may use the rent deposit/escrow process pursuant to R.C. §5321.07 – Failure of landlord to fulfill obligations - remedies of tenant. If you do not follow these rules carefully, an eviction may be filed against you.

Your Landlord may also file an action for the release of the escrowed rent pursuant to R.C. §5321.09 – Landlord application for release of rent. If you think the problem violates local building codes, you may call the city’s building department to inspect the property. 

Once your rent is deposited along with your completed application, the Court will assign a case number, set the case for hearing (usually 8:45 a.m. on a Friday), and notify you and the landlord. There is no filing fee to place your rent in escrow. You may visit our website to follow up-to-the minute activity on your case at any time. Until your scheduled hearing, continue to deposit your rent with the Court.

If your landlord, after being notified of your action, satisfies your concerns and remedies any violations, you should file a dismissal releasing escrow funds held to the landlord. Please mail or fax this form to the Court as soon as possible. You may also appear in court and address the magistrate regarding the case personally.

If your case is going forward, you should bring copies of everything you would like to provide in support your claim. Be prepared to leave the copies with the Court.

PLEASE NOTE: Court staff cannot refuse your filing nor give legal advice.